I’m Paul Walton and this is about how I became a painter and decorator and proud owner of 1st Class Painting & Decorating. Below you can read a little about my background and how I became a decorator and how my business started.

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Never one to enjoy traditional academic subjects at school I was fortunate that I was still young when realised I have a talent in decorating. After training in the trade with a couple of my friends, painting and decorating has been my bread and butter ever since.

I began my working life decorating high-end new build houses, hotels and offices for a large building company. Here I cut my teeth in decorating prime buildings and learnt the best techniques for a premium finish. I’ll never forget having to master the perfect wood stain! Not only did I gain experience in painting and decorating, I was also exposed to many other trades such as plastering and carpentry. Every new skill I honed at work I would practice until perfect on my own (and my friend’s) houses – plastering, hanging doors, laying laminate floors and fitting skirting boards. Although my specialism was decorating I was eager to learn, particularly plastering as this is a complementary skill. At this time I was lucky enough to be mentored by an extremely experienced tradesman, Mick Brady, whose high standards and encouragement laid a solid foundation for my career.

Over the years I gained experience working for a well-established decorating firm in Rugby. Then, as the recession hit, it became a reality that jobs were becoming harder to come by for the company I was working for. Work had become scarce and I took the opportunity to sub-contract on various projects from small to very large – including a school.

Yet as my expertise and experience grew I saw that what I personally had to offer the industry was becoming harder to find. Corners were often cut – through materials, attention to detail or accuracy – everyone seemed to want to ensure they could squeeze as much money out of a job as possible. I saw this and felt dissatisfied. Not only do I have years of high-level decorating experience, by my very nature I am a perfectionist. I care deeply about being true to my word and providing the service I say I will. Integrity is important to me as is accuracy and taking pride in my work. I knew if I felt this way, others would too and would value this in their painter and decorator.

Painter and Decorator CoventryThis is when 1st Class Painting and Decorating was born. At first I listed on a renowned trades website and then the jobs came rolling in through word of mouth. Yet I felt the need to offer more and so I explored the avenue of accreditations though becoming an approved Dulux Select Decorator and TrustMark approved. I am proud to say after regular and on-going inspections, not only was I approved immediately but I was also told I would be a great asset to Dulux. Since then I haven’t looked back! I feel these seals of approval ensure I am giving my customers the very best and reassurance that I am who I say I am. Which is a first-class painter and decorator who goes that extra mile to ensure you have a beautiful finish, quality, longevity and value.

After years now trading as 1st Class Painting & Decorating, customer feedback is still as important to me as it was on day one. I’m pleased to report it has been 100% positive so far. To find how I can help you with your painting & decorating please don’t hesitate to contact me.