Feature Walls are a long-time favourite for interior designers and style lovers alike, but finding the right design is only the first-step.

Having the confidence that the end result will be as you imagined it (if not better) is impossible if you don’t have the right person for the job.

Planning and the layout of each wallpaper is just as important as the actual skill of hanging the paper.

With this particular feature wall for an example I used the darkest stripes as the main focus and then planned the darkest stripes to be off an equal distance from both ceiling and Skirting board to look aesthetically correct.

Simply starting at the ceiling and working down is in my opinion incorrect and means the position of the stipes will be dictated by that alone and therefore the bottom stripe of the other colours above skirting will definitely be a different size to the top and might only be an inch wide when the top strip is for instance at full width of lets say 10 inches wide. this then looks unbalanced and not as athletically pleasing to the eye without even knowing why.

Its the same principle from wall to wall when hanging vertically.. especially on a main feature like a chimney breast .. “for example -you dont want to see half a flower chopped of one side as it goes round the angle yet on the opposite angle you have all the flower, and this is amplified even more the larger the flower or detail on paper.

I have ample experience in feature walls so sit back and relax – you will be thrilled with the results.