I am confident you won’t find the long-lasting high standard of work that I offer for a much cheaper price if its on a true like for like basis .. with me its 100% true that you will get what you pay for and more.

Pricing really is about what level of service you want

I pride myself on my honesty and transparency, which is why I can say that my level of great service isn’t the cheapest you can find, although the key point here is Im also not actually any more expensive than anyone else on a general job to job basis – yes there are others who will charge you less and It is always a good idea to shop around, but remember a much lower price from another tradesman will generally have to be at the expense of good preparation (if any preparation at all) because corners have to be cut to do a job faster to balance the lower price. Also low quality materials are cheaper, and therefore its cheaper but all at the expence of a long lasting high quality finish.

So the saying goes: “you pay cheap, you pay twice.” is more than often so true… this is also why they won’t offer a 2 year guarantee .. “especially backed up and underwritten like my guarantee is”

I strive to give a reasonable and affordable price for a premium service. My work is about quality and value for money– I am able to offer a two-year guarantee, accurate, sound work and a beautiful finish you won’t find elsewhere unless like for like. This is why my customers recommend me and much of my work is generated by word of mouth. I have 100% customer satisfaction and the results that prove my rates are competitive on a like for like basis.

The “MAIN” key point to remember about pricing is –

If for an example it takes 5 days to do a job correctly then that is true for any good decorator.

if the same job is done in say 3/4 days the price you pay will obviously be cheaper but it will definitely be at the expense of quality work by cutting corners to be able to do it faster.

Using the above example if your paying a lot cheaper it will be due to the job being done in less days and the only way that can be done is by doing less work. That always means cutting corners by doing less vital preparation, using cheaper products etc.

One of the best analogies I can give you to compare this with is you can buy a good quality settee or a cheaper one that doesnt last as long. This is true of most things, however it does depend a lot on circumstances and the finish you are trying to achieve.

On that note however not everyone wants the best quality perfectionist type of finish, some people only want a quick basic tidy up job for example just to save themselves from having to do it .. or to match their budget. it might be a tidy up to sell a house etc.

I will try to cater for this to some degree if Im assured that is all that you want and this will be confirmed it was agreed by being stated on the written quote for both our records as my reputation means more to me than cutting corners and getting bad reviews. Generally though I wont lower my standards at all as its not worth the reputation my work is built upon. Especially if i know its not the right thing to do as the job requires correct preparation for the results that are wanting to be achieved.

Furthermore, since I am an approved Dulux Select Decorator I signed a code of conduct that means I have made a binding agreement to provide you with a fair and competitive price.

Prices are quoted on a job-by-job basis – all you need do is email me using this contact form, or text me, or please do leave a voicemail as Im often to busy to pick up the phone immediately.

Please get in touch for a quote – absolutely free of charge.