XVLP paint spraying is mostly known as HVLP (high volume, low pressure) but I use the Wagner XVLP (extra volume, low pressure). This is the latest development & technology and a great improvement over the HVLP system.

Spray painting for results without the brush strokes.

Xvlp Paint Spraying

This can be especially valuable when using waterborne (water-based) trim paints, as they most often do not self level very well at all. Especially compared to solvent based (oil-based) paints. This is generally because they dry so fast hence not having the time to self level like solvent paints do. 

The huge downside of solvent based paints though is that they yellow almost instantly these days. Plus they take far to long to dry. Making shutting doors a problem and having to remember not to touch them or any wooden trim until the next day is a pain. This is made even worse if you have pets and children. Not to mention the smell that lasts for days.

I use paints that dry in hours. In fact there often touch dry in under an hour depending on how I’ve had to apply the coating for best results.

So now you can have the added benefit of a NON-YELLOWING beautiful stay white finish. With also the beautiful look of an oil-based finish… that dries in hours, not in days.

Please view the video of me spraying a staircase to see for yourself how minimal the over-spray actually is.

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