1st Class Painting & Decorating use a fantastic process to gain results when you have badly blemished/damaged walls.

For your reference we’ve included a common example below.

The problem walls featured in the example were caused mainly by the removal of wallpaper on previously painted walls – the paint was brought off in numerous places leaving that patchy uneven surface.

Many people think the solution is to have them plastered but this isn’t always necessary. It is beneficial not only in terms of cost when you don’t need to plaster but also because to some degree you will lose the edges of your coving, skirting boards and door surrounds if you’re not replacing them.

I can make the walls as good as new plaster by resurfacing them – leaving them at their original depth to all the adjoining edges of your wooden trim/woodwork etc.


Please view the photos below; they are photos of the process at each stage from start to finish. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the results!